– supravegherea şi consilierea gravidei – screening genetic (dublutest, triplu test, etc.) – asistenţă la naştere


– ecografie endovaginală – ecografie pelvină ginecologică – ecografie sarcină – ecografie 4D – ecografie Doppler – ecografie mamara bilaterala – ecografie abdomen superior și inferior.


– depistarea precoce a cancerelor genitale – tratamentul leziunilor de col uterin – tratamentul sterilităţii – planning familial – contracepţie – ȋntreruperi de sarcină – tratamentul cicatricilor perineale după naştere – operaţii plastice vulvare – tratamentul menopauzei

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Summary: A look at the training of editorial journalists and JRI for television at Lille's higher journalism school. The film follows a small group during the TV news, supervised by two journalists from TF1 and France 3. I Australian Levitra tried to give you an account of my feelings about these two vehicles and for me, the Twingo is largely above by its dynamic qualities (driving, comfort.), by its modularity (trunk or rear passengers) and by its interior design (equipment hight tech, interior quality much better.) No problems of reliability reported in 20000kms ( fortunately).

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The students of the ESJ Lille have 'fact checked' forty-seven promises of Daniel Percheron among which 19 have been held during the term: for example, access to a 'digital binder' for high school students and students. apprentices, a climate investment fund or a support plan for SMEs A big thank you to the Decoders for this rich collaboration! The Apotheek Viagra Bestellen balance sheet of your region has kept its promises? Daniel Percheron's assessment in the North No Calais The assessment of Claude Gewerc in PicardyThe regional elections seen by the students of Lilledécembre 3rd, 20150 CommentsJ 3 for the 60 students of the 2nd year of the generalist master: this Sunday, they will be on the ground and at the ESJ Lille to follow the electoral evening.