– supravegherea şi consilierea gravidei – screening genetic (dublutest, triplu test, etc.) – asistenţă la naştere


– ecografie endovaginală – ecografie pelvină ginecologică – ecografie sarcină – ecografie 4D – ecografie Doppler – ecografie mamara bilaterala – ecografie abdomen superior și inferior.


– depistarea precoce a cancerelor genitale – tratamentul leziunilor de col uterin – tratamentul sterilităţii – planning familial – contracepţie – ȋntreruperi de sarcină – tratamentul cicatricilor perineale după naştere – operaţii plastice vulvare – tratamentul menopauzei

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All have pictures in mind. It was on February 12, 2013. He will take one or the other according to the characteristics of his crisis, the moment when it occurs, 'adds Dr. Lantéri Minet.And especially,' Billig Viagra Danmark if the patient is not satisfied by his treatment or if he suffers from side effects (feeling of oppression, falling asleep), he must not resign himself.

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So consults losses are never very normal! we never know . I have lost 4 babies so I am in good condition but do not be anxious if not called a maternity and they will surely tell you to go see them .. The conservation and restoration projects are executed according to the Conception of the preservation of Solovetsky archipelago cultural heritage, based on an analysis of the state of conservation, proposals for procedures and methods The work carried out is based on a new scientific approach, to restore the cultural heritage in its historical function; .

It is quite natural that Rumanian spectral music will soon be immersed Buy Cialis Germany in traditional Generika Levitra or popular music, above all that of his country, which was one of his first inspirations. sometimes said that modern music's is suddenly popular tradition, but s riously, it n is that p contemporary period that there are real attempts hybridization or assimilation which to spend the exotic entertainment or colonial plunder.