– supravegherea şi consilierea gravidei – screening genetic (dublutest, triplu test, etc.) – asistenţă la naştere


– ecografie endovaginală – ecografie pelvină ginecologică – ecografie sarcină – ecografie 4D – ecografie Doppler – ecografie mamara bilaterala – ecografie abdomen superior și inferior.


– depistarea precoce a cancerelor genitale – tratamentul leziunilor de col uterin – tratamentul sterilităţii – planning familial – contracepţie – ȋntreruperi de sarcină – tratamentul cicatricilor perineale după naştere – operaţii plastice vulvare – tratamentul menopauzei

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HCV is mainly transmitted by direct contact with blood or blood products. Since the introduction of modern techniques of HCV transmission through the public blood supply system for all practical Günstig Kamagra Oral Jelly Kaufen purposes, however, other behavioral risk factors (such as the sharing of contaminated Buy Cialis Germany syringes and other instruments among drug users) are becoming important public health issues.

Secondly, the President has presented 8 passports, and I think it is important that the Commission take its time to examine these passports, especially to determine which of these passports. We have to find a laboratory to analyze each page of carbon 14 passports or with more sophisticated techniques, [.] There is no play in this question, these are pretty serious things [.] We must determine the age of each passport to see their compliance with the dates that are listed.

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